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Organising All-India Seminar / Workshops

Date Event description
12-13 September 2015 Two Days All India Seminar on Seminar on Quality Management in Rural Roads and Bridges & Role of Civil Engineering in Smart Cities
24-25 Nov. 2015 Two Days National Seminar on Indigenous Development and Manufacturing of Rolling Mills A Make in India Approach
5th March 2016 One Day All India seminar on ‘Optimization of Existing Irrigation Schemes in Jharkhand for Irrigation, Drinking Water and Industrial Use’

Organising Technical Talks for continuing education

Date Description
19.04.2015 Technical Paper Meet Wireless Sensor Network
19.04.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Net Neutrality
21.06.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Financial Management
22.06.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Coke Making Technologies
22.08.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Financial and Management Aspects of a company like product designing, supply chain management and logistics and lean packaging and sigma concepts used in the companies
22.08.2015 Detailed description about automobile engines and muffler used in an automobile
19.09.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Problems in IISCO Cranes
18.10.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Bio-Digester Technology
26.10.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Converter Revamping and Latest Trend in Steel Making in India & Abroad
26.10.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Material Selection guide for day to day application in Utility Area
26.10.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Fly Ash : A Focus on Sustainability
07.11.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Coal Gasification
05.12.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Standard Operating Practice for Steel Project
27.12.2015 Technical Paper Meet on Role of Consultancy Services for Smart Cities in Jharkhand
22.01.2016 Technical Paper Meet on Basic Principles of Atomic Spectroscopy & MP-AES
29.01.2016 Technical Paper Meet on SAIL GUA Iron Ore Mines Expansion with Overview of RLS
11.02.2016 Technical Paper Meet on Water Resources in Jharkhand
14.02.2016 Technical Paper Meet on New Fronts in Transportation Engineering and Road Design
24.02.2016 Technical Paper Meet on Emerging Customer Requirement in conveying system
26.02.2016 Technical Paper Meet on Pneumatic Handling System for lime powder in NLC Barsingsar
05.03.2016 Technical Paper Meet on Up-gradation & Capital Repairs of existing Blast Furnaces – Dos & Don’ts and the discussion on recent capital repair of BF-2 of Durgapur Steel Plant, Durgapur
27.03.2016 Technical Paper Meeting on Role of Information Technology in imparting quality education

Celebration of IEI Mandatory Days

Date Description
11.05.2015 17th National Technology Day
05.06.2015 World Environment Day


World Telecommunication & Information Society Day


19.07.2015 Foundation Day
15.08.2015 Independence day
15.09.2015 Engineers’ Day
18.10.2015 World Habitat Day


12.12.2015 World Computer Literacy Day
14.12.2015 National Energy Conservation Day

(Sit & Draw Drawing Competition on the theme ”Conservation of Energy”)

26.01.2016 Republic Day
20.03.2016 World Water Day

The list of Seminars / workshops (Local) organised


Event description


One day Seminar on Water & Sustainable Development


One day Seminar on Career Prospect in Manufacturing sector


Two day Seminar on Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Risk Reduction in Industry


Workshop on Environmental Clearance on Mining Project


Workshop on  “Design, Fabrication, Erection & Maintenance of Hydraulic Gates”


Free Medical Health Camp for IEI members/ staff and the needy.